Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I forgot I had this.

Here are some snaps from before break and a few during break. I should've carried my camera more often. Credits to Diya, Ella, Neil and Samantha for these photos (which I took without their permission but whatever).

LBMC XIII - Great congress. Great people. Congress might just be the best thing that's happened to me in high school, and yes, I know Congress doesn't happen to people, but it's quite late, and I could care less about my sensibility. (Photo credits: Neil, Samantha)

Last Day of School Before Break - Couldn't wait to get out, but ended up staying an extra two hours. (Photo credits: Ella)

Good times over break - a day in the city for a biology lecture by a Nobel Prize winner (yeah we're cool), not enough time at Arpit's house because my parents were gone. Overall, probably one of the most kickass transitions into a new year, ever. (Photo credits: Ella, Diya, Anita)

happy new year, y'all.